I make portraits.

I think of images which cannot be created by just by pressing a button. Images that need to age, to be degraded, to be broken... The processes of wear and destruction must be stopped and controlled to give permanence to the artwork.

I make portraits. Pictures of what terrifies me, what I want, what I miss. Pictures of the people around me, their zest for life and anger, their passion and frustration. Pictures of live objects or with past lives.

I visualize the piece throughout the process, researching until I arrive at the imagined image, and sometimes, when it is finished, I look at it and think, " there is something here that I have not done". It is for those few hours in which everything is produced, for those moments of fusion with something that 's not me, and that in turn is more there, more personal than I can consciously contribute.

I believe in what I create. I try to get inside the photographed scene, beyond capturing the reflected light... whereby deepening my own feelings.

I use reason to give coherence and emotion to enliven the work... but in each artwork there is a struggle, not always balanced, between intuition and knowledge, between the rational, the visceral and the emotional. The artwork is no more than the physical result of the process.

I'm not interested in photography as an end, but as a source, as a support material. The photographic language is the basis on which my work is based, the starting point on which I build my images. I manipulate, break, burn, hit, dye, sew and age paper by hand until it resembles what I imagine or feel.

I work primarily with human emotions, mine and those of others, especially those that are non-verbal. And rather than for the finished work... for the process itself.

Literary biography

Abraham Calero Marimon , Madrid.

I have not had a formal artistic education, but a professional career as a marine scientist, an environmental technician and multidisciplinary analogical photographer. In this training I owe my roots, the scientific method, research and experimentation, diligence, patience, commitment and the perspective that nature can give. In my own visceral nature, doubt, control, empathy and respect for diversity. My shame and self-criticism to have come from a foreign environment to that of art, which explains why I have taken so long to dare to exhibit my work.

Start working on a more creative and personal speech in 2010 with the first photo interventions, but the truth is that since I can remember I take pictures. I constantly asked for my fathers camera when 4 years old until I got to buy me one. Time has passed and my perspective has been changing, and with it the photos I take.

I made publications and photographic work for: Prenatal, KMAS, Victorio & Lucchino, Lenzing, Gloria Jover Studio, Hilados de España, Four Seasons, Neo2, Casa Viva, Katia , ENCANAL, Buceadores, Diving a fondo, BuceoXXI, Pilothouse, La Razon, Brisas (Ultima Hora), "Ambienta",,, Phillipe Cousteau Foundation, Biodiversity Foundation, Ramon Areces Foundation, Ribermúsica Foundation, Xunta de Galicia, Palma City Council, Govern de les Illes Balears, Marineland, etc... and coordinated publications of environmental education and interpretation "Cabrera itineraries", "Cabrera boaters Guide", "National Park of Cabrera Guide ", "Cabrera Fishing Guide", and luxury edition book "Cabrera, the treasures of the island", edited by Promomallorca .

I am the author of the photographs of the commemorative book of the exhibition "20 icons of the twentieth century" published by ARS NOVA Foundation and curated by Pedro Mansilla. And the covers of “Lo que sé de ti”, “El secreto de los flamencos” books published by Ediciones Destino and “Azul metálico” y “Relatos de amor y muerte” edited by Moixonia .

Between September 2013 and March 2014 I participated in the "Cliniques d'Es Baluard", an initiative of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Palma.

Solo exhibitions:

  • Galería 3C3 (Palma 2016). “Reconstrucciones”.
  • Galería Jorge Alcolea (Madrid 2016). “DIGNUS”.
  • Fundación Pilar y Joan Miró de Mallorca (Palma, 2015) “MATRIU_".
  • Galería Berlín (Palma 2011). “Cristales”.


  • Museo de Arte Contemporáneo "El Mercado" (Villanueva de los Infantes 2017). "Las mujeres y los niños primero... animales.... y una realidad aparte"
  • Galería Jorge Alcolea (Madrid 2017). “8PINTORESREALISTAS”.
  • ARTMADRID 2017. Madrid. Galería Jorge Alcolea.
  • Casal de cultura Can Gelabert (Binissalem 2017). Incart.
  • Galería 3C3 (Palma 2016). Petitó.
  • Galería Jorge Alcolea (Madrid 2016). Extraordinaria de verano.
  • Museo de la Universidad de Alicante. MUA. (Alicante 2016). XVI Concurso Encuentros de Arte Contemporáneo
  • ARCO 2016. Madrid. Clorofila Digital. Stand 9G07
  • Claustro de Santo Domingo. (Inca 2016). Incart2016.
  • Taujart (Santa Eugenia 2016). “Retratos, autorretratos y un espejo”
  • Showroom ClorofilaDigital Madrid (Madrid 2014, 2015, 2016).
  • Showroom ClorofilaDigital Sevilla (Sevilla 2016)
  • Museu d'Història de Manacor-Torre dels Enagistes. (Manacor 2016). XXIII Premi Ciutat de Manacor d'Arts Plàstiques.
  • Galería Jorge Alcolea (Madrid 2015). 50x50.
  • Casal de cultura Can Gelabert (Binissalem 2015). XXXVII certamen d’arts plàstiques i visuals vila de Binissalem.
  • Galería Jorge Alcolea (Madrid 2015). Summer exhibition.
  • Tower, Es Baluard Museu d'Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma, (Palma, Nit de l’art 2014).”Artquitecture”.
  • L’Observatori, Es Baluard Museu d'Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma, (Palma, Mallorca 2014).
  • Claustro del Carmen, PRONOSTICA (Mahon, Menorca 2014). “Para protegerte... o no”.
  • ART BERMONDSEY, Print jam (Londres 2014).
  • Galería Berlín (Palma, Nit de l’art 2011).


  • Finalist EAC 2016. XVI Concurso Encuentros de Arte Contemporáneo.
  • Finalist XXIII Premi Ciutat de Manacor d'Arts Plastiques.
  • Selected by Clorofila digital for the presentation in Spain of Chromaluxe, 2015.
  • Special Jury Mention in the XXXVII certamen d’arts plàstiques i visuals vila de Binissalem. 2015
  • Winner of the "Memory Walls" magazine CURATOR competition, 2015.
  • Special mention in the 1st International Short Film Festival Arts and Diseases (FICAE 2015).